ACWA POWER Co. Announces Its Intention to Purchase its Shares

Element ListExplanation
Board Approval's Date 2023-05-25 Corresponding to 1444-11-05
Purpose of Purchase Treasury Shares.
Purpose of Purchase (If the Purpose to Keep the Shares as Treasury Shares) Employee share based long term incentive scheme.
Number of Shares to be Bought 2000000
Shares Class and type Ordinary shares.
Method of Financing the Purchasing Process Company's internal resources.
Current Percentage of the Treasury Shares at the Company out of the Total Class of Shares Purchased 0%
Approvals and Meeting the Conditions of Financial Appropriateness Extraordinary General Assembly Consent must be Obtained for the Purchase, also Conditions of Financial Appropriateness as provided in Paragraph Three of Article Seven of The executive regulations of the corporate law for listed companies shall be Met
Voting Right Purchased Shares Shall not Have Voting Rights in the General Assembly’s Meetings