Date - 08/31/2012
  shares share capital, % Change pcs %
1. Oras Invest Ltd28,278,21718.2000.00
2. Solidium Oy25,896,08716.6700.00
3. Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company11,585,8367.4600.00
4. Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company8,173,4955.2600.00
5. Kemira Oyj3,301,7692.1300.00
6. Tapiola Mutual Pension Insurance Company2,600,0001.6700.00
7. Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited2,341,6131.5100.00
8. Pohjola Fund Management2,290,0001.47-165,000-6.72
OP-Finland Value Fund900,0000.58-65,000-6.74
OP-Delta Fund815,0000.52-25,000-2.98
OP-Focus Non-UCITS Fund325,0000.21-75,000-18.75
OP-Finland Small Firms Fund250,0000.1600.00
9. Danske Invest funds1,495,8040.96+364,852+32.26
Danske Fund Finnish Institutional Equity800,7440.52+230,000+40.30
Sr Danske Invest Suomi Osake472,8290.30+121,009+34.40
Danske Fund Invest Finland130,9000.0800.00
SR Arvo Finland Value91,3310.06+13,843+17.86
10. The State Pension Fund1,340,0000.8600.00
11. Nordea funds1,009,4850.65+22,952+2.33
Nordea Fennia Fund450,0000.2900.00
Nordea Pro Finland Fund325,0000.2100.00
Nordea Finnish Index Fund124,3700.08+1,751+1.43
Nordea Finland Small Cap Fund110,1150.07+21,201+23.84
12. Veritas Pension Insurance Company Ltd.932,8790.60+220,224+30.90
13. Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company878,3370.5700.00
14. Sigrid Jusélius Foundation730,0000.4700.00
15. SEB Gyllenberg funds468,3970.30+63,000+15.54
SEB Gyllenberg Finlandia Fund248,3970.1600.00
SEB Gyllenberg Small Firm Fund220,0000.14+63,000+40.13
16. Keva426,4820.2700.00
17. Valio Pension Fund412,9390.27-7,013-1.67
18. Savings Bank Finland Fund412,3250.27-8,420-2.00
19. Sijoitusrahasto Taaleritehdas Arvo Markka Osake410,0000.26-40,000-8.89
20. The Finnish Cultural Foundation405,5790.2600.00
21. Jenny and Antti Wihuri´s Foundation311,2500.2000.00
22. Mandatum Life Unit-Linked307,7900.20+1,034+0.34
23. 4capes Oy300,0000.1900.00
24. Oy Ingman Finance Ab295,0000.19-30,000-9.23
25. Niemi Foundation262,5000.1700.00
26. OP Life Assurance Company Ltd255,9420.16-7,210-2.74
27. FIM Securities Ltd250,0000.16-1,000-0.40
28. Yleisradion Eläkesäätiö S.r.238,2500.1500.00
29. Danske Fund Finnish Small Cap228,4020.1500.00
30. Paasikivi Pekka212,1750.1400.00
30 largest total96,050,55361.83+369,608+0.39
Nominee registered19,263,59612.40+440,277+2.34
*Solidium Oy (entirely state-owned)
Notes: Data is updated monthly
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