Date - 09/30/2010
  shares share capital, % Change pcs %
1. Oras Invest Ltd25,933,62216.6900.00
2. Solidium Oy25,896,08716.6700.00
3. Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company15,185,8369.7800.00
4. Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company8,073,4955.20-380,000-4.50
5. Kemira Oyj3,600,2252.3200.00
6. Mandatum Life Insurance Company Limited2,862,0381.84+197,130+7.40
7. Tapiola Mutual Pension Insurance Company2,095,6251.3500.00
8. The State Pension Fund1,321,2100.85-150,000-10.20
9. Pohjola Fund Management1,057,8600.68-713,617-40.28
OP-Delta Fund575,0000.37-276,741-32.49
OP-Finland Small Firms Fund482,8600.31-53,000-9.89
10. Nextstone Oy781,5320.5000.00
11. Wate Oy781,5320.5000.00
12. Finow Oy781,5310.5000.00
13. Kaleva Mutual Insurance Company732,3370.4700.00
14. Nordea funds675,2280.43-12,264-1.78
Nordea Fennia Fund351,2880.2300.00
Nordea Pro Finland Fund200,0000.13-10,000-4.76
Nordea Finnish Index Fund123,9400.08-2,264-1.79
15. Veritas Pension Insurance Company Ltd.649,5000.4200.00
16. Etera Mutual Pension Insurance Company507,8000.33-136,500-21.19
17. Kemira GrowHow Oyj Pension Foundation483,4500.3100.00
18. Danske Invest funds481,5380.31-120,000-19.95
Sr Danske Invest Suomi Osake215,0000.14-50,000-18.87
Danske Fund Finnish Institutional Equity146,2500.09-50,000-25.48
SR Arvo Finland Value120,2880.08-20,000-14.26
19. Mutual Insurance Company Pension-Fennia446,2500.29-60,000-11.85
20. Oy Ingman Finance Ab370,0000.2400.00
21. SEB Gyllenberg funds362,3970.2300.00
SEB Gyllenberg Finlandia Fund192,3970.1200.00
SEB Gyllenberg Small Firm Fund170,0000.1100.00
22. FIM funds311,3830.2000.00
FIM Fenno Sijoitusrahasto311,3830.2000.00
23. Jenny and Antti Wihuri´s Foundation311,2500.2000.00
24. Sigrid Jusélius Foundation305,0000.20+100,000+48.78
25. The Finnish Cultural Foundation300,7750.1900.00
26. Finnfoam Oy300,0000.1900.00
27. Odin Finland273,2400.1800.00
28. Niemi Foundation262,5000.1700.00
29. Yleisradion Eläkesäätiö S.r.246,2500.1600.00
30. Nordea Life Assurance Finland Ltd.245,0000.1600.00
30 largest total95,634,49161.56-1,309,263-1.35
Nominee registered18,231,75411.74+1,668,004+10.07
*Solidium Oy (entirely state-owned)
Notes: Data is updated monthly
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