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Market: Saudi Exchange - Main Market Symbol: 7203 ISIN: SA15GG53GHH3 Industry: Software & Services

Elm Company offers wide range of ready-made digital solutions specialized in many fields through diverse and flexible business models that suit the desires of customers. The businesses include the following:
1 – Digital Business: Elm provides ready-to-use solutions in the form of technical services, portals, electronic applications and related support work. The aim is to create advanced services that contribute in solving existing problems and filling existing service gaps, by converting traditional procedures into electronic transactions. In addition to integrated technology businesses, entitlement engines and digital platforms, the Group provides integrated technology business solutions to clients in the public and private sectors.
2 – Business Process Outsourcing: Elm seeks to enhance its competitive advantage in the field of operation and service provision in the areas of competence through the management and the total operation of services or partial support in specific areas and their progression towards a digital vision.
3 – Professional Services: Elm provides advisory and professional services in data analysis and artificial intelligence. The Group develops a comprehensive action plan to develop its overall performance and raise the customer satisfaction levels.

Share data 30/11/2022
Key Figures (SAR '000) 2019 2020 2021
Income Statement      
Revenue 2,102,019 2,466,065 3,827,650
Operating profit 300,507 355,609 614,598
Net profit 307,182 306,579 566,891
Balance Sheet      
Total assets 2,812,076 4,024,861 5,194,291
Total equity 1,509,562 2,233,936 2,809,659
Total liabilities 1,302,514 1,790,926 2,384,632
Cash Flow      
Net cash generated from operating activities 220,399 723,518 598,428
Net cash used in investing activities (219,337) 283,348 (174,980)
Net cash used in financing activities (90,696) (98,375) (74,547)
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year 104,828 1,013,318 1,362,219
Financial Indicators      
Current ratio 2.46 2.37 2.21
Net profit margin (%) 15 12 15
Earnings per share from net profit (SAR) 3.84 3.83 7.09