Market: Qatar
Symbol: MCCS
Sector: None

Mannai owes its success and continued market leadership to shared values, core competence in commerce and technology, and an unending spirit of innovation in all aspects of corporate life. Our purpose is to deliver superior, long-range economic benefits to customers, shareholders, employees, and the communities in which we operate.

The company is broadly divided into two key activities, Trade and Services. With businesses spanning the oil and gas sector, automotive distribution, information and communication technology, retail, home appliances and electronics, travel services, logistics and representation, the company provides a large spectrum of services and solutions to a fast-growing client base.

The strength of the Mannai Corporation lies in the interactive co-operation between different operating companies. Every division and subsidiary works to the same high standards, totally committed to the provision of outstanding levels of service to our clients, allowing them in turn to improve their own business performance. We have earned a solid reputation for integrity which has earned the respect and trust of partners around the world. This proactive group underpins its continued growth by strong teamwork and the establishment of transparent relationships with all whom we serve.

Currency QAR
Last Closing Price 2.86
Change (%) 0.00
Volume 0
Number of Shares (mln) 456
Market Cap (mln) 1,305
Key Figures (QR’000) 2017 2018 2019
Income Statement
Revenue 7,041,329 10,773,514 11,591,695
Gross profit 1,733,946 2,584,992 2,501,053
Net profit for the year - Attributable to: Shareholders of the Company 506,135 407,147 202,566
Balance sheet
Total assets 11,561,541 12,999,274 13,436,777
Total liabilities 8,811,800 10,394,458 10,815,702
Total equity 2,749,741 2,604,816 2,621,075
Cash flows
Net cash generated from operating activities 317,699 578,005 789,362
Net cash used in investing activities -799,615 -999,690 -283,385
Net cash generated from financing activities 471,413 440,556 -400,681
Key indicators
Earnings per Share (QR) 11.09 0.89** 0.44**
Dividend per share (QR) 4.0 2.0 0.2*
Return on equity (%) 19 16 8
Gearing ratio 1.40 1.60 1.54

*2019: Proposed
**2019: Share split 10 for 1, 2018: Adjusted


2019: Share split 10 for 1, 2018: Adjusted