Factsheet - 19/09/2019

Market: Amsterdam
Symbol: RAND
ISIN: NL0000379121
Industry: Business Training & Employment Agencies

Randstad is the global leader in the HR services industry. We support people and organizations in realizing their true potential. We do this by combining the power of today’s technology with our passion for people. We call it Human Forward. Our services range from regular temporary Staffing and permanent placements to Inhouse Services, Professionals, and HR Solutions, including Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Managed Services Programs and outplacement. Randstad is active in 38 markets around the world and has top-three positions in almost half of these. In 2018, Randstad had on average 38,820 corporate employees and 4,826 branches and Inhouse locations. In 2018, Randstad generated revenue of € 23.8 billion and holds the world’s number one position in its industry since November 2018. Randstad was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands. Randstad N.V. is listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam, where options for stocks in Randstad are also traded. For more information, see https://www.randstad.com/.

Key financials
In millions of €, unless otherwise indicated 2018 2017 2016
Revenue (underlying) 23,812 23,273 20,684
Gross profit (underlying) 4,703 4,708 3,934
EBITA1 (underlying) 1,108 1,065 947
Adjusted net income 833 756 689
Free cash flow2 627 586 465
Net debt3 985 1,026 793
Leverage ratio (net debt/12-month EBITDA) 0.8 0.9 0.8
Total equity 4,479 4,251 4,140
Ratios (in % of revenue)      
Gross margin (underlying) 19.7 20.2 19.0
EBITA margin (underlying) 4.3 4.3 4.3
Adjusted net income margin 3.0 2.7 2.8
Share data      
Basic earnings per ordinary share (in €) 3.78 3.38 3.15
Basic earnings per ordinary share, underlying (in €)4 4.55 4.13 3.77
Diluted earnings per ordinary share, underlying (in €)4 4.54 4.11 3.75
Dividend per ordinary share (in €) 3.38 2.76 1.89
Payout per ordinary share (in %)5 74 67 50
Closing price, year-end (in €) 40.09 51.24 51.53
Market capitalization, year-end 7,349 9,390 9,431
Enterprise value, year-end6 8,334 10,416 10,225
Average number of candidates working 670,900 668,800 626,300
Average number of corporate employees 38,820 37,930 32,280
Number of branches, year-end7 2,827 2,900 2,974
Number of Inhouse locations, year-end7 1,999 1,958 1,778


1. EBITA: operating profit before amortization and impairment of acquisition-related intangible assets and goodwilll.

2. Free cash flow: sum of net cash from operating and investing activities, excluding the acquisition and disposal of subsidiaries and associates, and dividends from associates.

3. Net debt: cash and cash equivalents minus borrowings.

4. Before amortization and impairment of acquisition-related intangible assets and goodwill, integration costs, acquisition-related costs, and one-offs.

5. Payout per ordinary share in %: dividend per ordinary share on basic earnings per ordinary share adjusted for the net effect of amortization and impairment of acquisitionrelated intangible assets and goodwill, integration costs, acquisition-related costs, and one-offs.

6. Enterprise value: the total of market capitalization and net debt.

7. Branches are outlets from which various clients are served with various numbers of services and which are located in residential/commercial areas. Inhouse locations are outlets from which one client is served with a limited number of job profiles and which are located on the site of the client.