Bakkafrost P/F

Market: Oslo Symbol: BAKKA ISIN: FO0000000179 Industry: Packaged Foods & Meats

Company presentation

Bakkafrost is the leading producer of top quality salmon from the Faroe Islands. We offer a wide range of healthy and nutritious salmon products from our own facilities. The cool and steady sea temperatures of the North Atlantic Current in the Faroe Islands provides perfect conditions for raising healthy and robust Atlantic salmon. Bakkafrost is one of the world's most vertically integrated salmon farming companies. Bakkafrost controls all aspects of production - from feed to finished value added products. This ensures unrivalled traceability and consistent high quality. Our longstanding experiences in the seafood industry and our focus on providing our customers with top quality salmon products has made Bakkafrost well reputed as a reliable and responsible partner. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in relation to fish welfare, sustainability and sound stewardship of the environment. We are dedicated to providing consumers worldwide with top quality tasty and nutritious salmon products.

Currency NOK
Previous Close 599.50
Change (%) -4.31
Volume 210,687
Number of Shares (mil) 58.27
Market Cap (mil) 34,934.81

Key figures

DKK 1,000 2016 2017 2018
Operating revenues  3,202,686 3,770,049 3,177,422
Operational EBIT *  1,164,953 1,377,647 1,074,912
EBIT  1,673,587 649,104 1,184,233
EBT  1,632,614 623,884 1,172,066
Net earnings  1,338,887 511,402 960,292
Earnings per share before fair value adjustment of biomass and provision for onerous contracts (DKK)  17.57 21.08 16.44
Earnings per share after fair value adjustment of biomass and provision for onerous contracts (DKK)  27.56 10.52 19.74
Total non-current assets  2,567,212 3,023,807 3,396,036
Total current assets  2,850,904 2,131,709 2,406,487
Total assets  5,418,116 5,155,516 5,802,523
Total equity  3,549,035 3,626,429 4,077,029
Total liabilities  1,869,081 1,529,087 1,725,494
Net interest bearing debt   635,266 258,070 495,479
Equity share (%)  66 70 70
* Aligned for fair value adjustments of biomass, onerous contracts provision, income from associates and other non-operating related adjustments.

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