Market: Copenhagen
Symbol: VIRO
ISIN: DK0061030574
Industry: Health Care

ViroGates Equity Story 

ViroGates is an in-vitro diagnostic company focused on improving patient outcomes through developing and commercializing novel diagnostic tests. With a strong track record of innovation, the company has developed a unique technology platform that enables rapid and reliable measurement of its biomarker-product suPARnostic® in blood samples.

ViroGates is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the rapidly growing market for diagnostic tests, driven by the increasing demand for personalized and precision medicine. The company's flagship product, suPARnostic®, is a groundbreaking test that measures the level of suPAR, a protein biomarker associated with inflammation and disease severity, in patient blood samples. This test has demonstrated significant clinical utility in various diseases, including COVID-19, sepsis, cardiovascular disease etc.

ViroGates has a robust intellectual property portfolio, including multiple patents on its use cases. The company has also established strategic partnerships with leading healthcare organizations, including hospitals, academic institutions, and research centers, to further develop and validate its diagnostic tests.

With a highly experienced management team and a dedicated workforce, ViroGates is well-equipped to execute its growth strategy and capitalize on the significant market opportunity. The company is committed to expanding its product portfolio and commercializing its diagnostic tests globally, with a focus on high-growth markets in Europe and, subsequently, North America and Asia.

Investing in ViroGates offers the opportunity to participate in the growth of a cutting-edge in-vitro diagnostic company with a strong value proposition and significant market potential.

ViroGates Shares 

ViroGates' shares (VIRO) have been listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Denmark since 2018.

Share Data 22/09/2023
Previous Close 22.90
Change (%) 11.71
Volume 14,002
Number of Shares 3,350,507
Market Cap 76.73

KEY FIGURES - DKK('000) 2022 2021
Income statement    
Net revenue 10,151 7,656
Operating profit/loss -10,845 -18,790
Profit/loss for the year -9,646 -17,663
Balance sheet    
Balance sheet total 17,539 20,229
Equity 16,088 16,426
Invested capital 6,898 4,815
Cash flows    
Cash flows from operating activities -14,276 -21,437
Cash flows from investment related activities -13 -4
Cash flows from financing activities 9,308 2,776
Total cash flows -4,981 -18,666
Cash and cash equivalents 9,878 14,859
Rate of return -185.2 -658.2
Number of employees, end of period 9 13
Market share price, end of period (DKK) 40.1 144.0


At the end of 2022, ViroGates had 1,685 registered shareholders. Three shareholders had notified shareholdings of 5% or more:

Shareholders (31/12/2022) Number of shares Percent of capital
N. P. Louis-Hansen ApS 859,075 25.64%
Ginnerup Capital ApS 342,665 10.23%
4AM ApS 342,632 10.23%
* Other includes analysis services, freight and handling

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