VIG Insurance Group in brief
ISIN: AT0000908504
Listings: Vienna and Prague
Rating Standard & Poor's: A+, stable outlook
Ticker symbol: VIG
Bloomberg: VIG AV/ VIG CP

VIG Insurance Group in brief

VIG Insurance Group is the leading insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe. Its around 50 insurance companies with more than 25,000 employees offer life and non-life insurance solutions and provide the best possible protection against the risks of day-to-day life for their customers. The Group strategy is to achieve long-term profitable growth.

VIG Insurance Group in 2020

VIG Insurance Group in 2020
Premiums written Profit before taxes Combined Ratio Return on Equity2)
EUR 10.4bn EUR 345.9mn 95.0% 7.9%
VIG Insurance Group in 2020
Solvency ratio Employees Earnings per share Dividend per share3)
238% 25,680 EUR 1.81 EUR 0.75

VIG Insurance Group in 2020

Premiums written
EUR 10.4bn
Profit before taxes
EUR 345.9mn
Combined Ratio
Return on Equity2)
Solvency ratio
Earnings per share
EUR 1.81
Dividend per share3)
EUR 0.75

Premiums by lines of business 2020

Premiums by lines of business 2020
Premiums by lines of business 2020

Top-Player in CEE

Top-Player in CEE
Top Player in CEE

Key figures

Key figures
  2020 2019 2018 2017
Income statement
Premiums written - gross EUR millions 10,428.5 10,399.4 9,657.3 9,386.0
Financial result (incl. at equity consolidated companies) EUR millions 596.3 1,010.8 1,037.5 924.3
Result before taxes EUR millions 345.9 521.6 485.4 442.5
Net result for the period after taxes and non-controlling interests EUR millions 231.5 331.3 268.9 297.6
Balance sheet
Investments1) EUR millions 42,869.2 43,076.1 44,336.9 44,994.0
Shareholders’ equity (incl. non-controlling interests) EUR millions 5,285.8 5,190.7 5,835.7 6,043.9
Underwriting provisions EUR millions 39,847.3 40,002.1 38,115.3 38,780.9
Total assets EUR millions 50,428.1 50,344.9 51,163.5 51,714.0
Combined Ratio % 95.0 95.4 96.0 96.7
Return on Equity (ROE)2) % 7.9 10.5 8.9 8.3
Solvency ratio % 238 210 239 220
Dividend per share3) EUR 0.75 1.15 1.00 0.90
Dividend yield % 3.61 4.53 4.93 3.49
Book value per share4) EUR 33.36 33.67 32.64 31.93
Price-earnings ratio as of 31 December   11.49 9.81 9.94 11.55

1) Incl. unit-linked and index-linked life insurance investments and excl. cash and cash equivalents
2) RoE is the ratio of Group result before taxes to total average shareholders' equity.
3) Planned dividend for 2020.
4) The value is calculated using shareholders’ equity before non-controlling interests, less the revaluation reserve and less hybrid bonds in 2018 and 2017.

Equity Story

Invest in growth
  • 30 countries, primarily in the CEE growth region
  • No. 1 in Austria and the CEE region
  • Strong capital base for further growth
  • Best rating in the ATX
Invest in reliability
  • Sustainable dividend policy
  • Long track record
  • Ongoing efficiency and profitablity measures
Invest in vision
  • Embracing trends and current developments; insuring new risks
  • Targeted use of technology in distribution, product design and processes
  • Providing added value by assistance services
Invest in responsibility
  • Linking financial targets with social and environmental aspects, supported by the main shareholder
  • Diversity as an engine of innovation and motivating factor
  • Included in FTSE4Good and VÖNIX sustainability indices

Share price

Share price
Share price
Share data
As of
EUR 22.85
Market Cap:
EUR millions 2,924.80
52W High:
EUR 23.80
52W Low:
EUR 16.88
Number of Shares:

Managing board

Managing board

Elisabeth Stadler, CEO

Liane Hirner, Member of the Managing Board, CFO

Peter Höfinger, Member of the Managing Board

Gerhard Lahner, Member of the Managing Board

Gábor Lehel, Member of the Managing Board

Hartwig Löger, Member of the Managing Board

Harald Riener, Member of the Managing Board

Peter Thirring, Member of the Managing Board

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