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Market: Abu Dhabi Symbol: NMDC ISIN: AEN000401010 Industry: Consumer Discretionary

National Marine Dredging Company - one of the Middle East’s marine industry leaders. 

Reputed for successfully completing noteworthy projects, we pride ourselves in providing flexible, cost-effective and on-time solutions for our valued clients everytime. 

We have a strong reputation for delivering high quality projects and services, in addition to liaising closely with shareholders to produce the best possible outcomes for clients, staff and the environment. 

Supported by an impressively large fleet of dredgers and support vessels, we have the professionalism and motivation to operate anywhere in the world, and the capability to overcome even the most challenging site conditions. 

Through our concerted initiatives over the years, we have raised the industry benchmark and are today a respected name in our sphere of business.

Share data 01/12/2023
Key Figures 2020 2021 2022
Income Statement (AED'000 )      
Gross profit 220,605 1,067,181 1,107,915
Profit before tax 161,127 1,000,039 1,345,505
Profit for the year 106,992 1,002,559 1,303,523
Balance sheet (AED'000 )      
Total assets 7,397,813 12,917,289 16,046,293
Total liabilities 4,302,374 7,398,904 9,505,687
Total equity 3,095,439 5,518,385 6,540,606
Cash flows (AED'000 )      
Net cash from operating activities -58,476 1,628,348 2,682,230
Net cash used in investing activities -111,712 -633,943 -493,674
Net cash from financing activities 52,839 -686,942 54,990
Net increase (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents -117,349 307,463 2,243,546
Key indicators (AED)      
Earnings per share attributable to the shareholders of the Company 0.19 1.26 1.58