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Real Estate
Al Mazaya is widely recognized as one of the most important and highly thought-of real estate development companies in the Middle East market, with numerous impressive projects. The company came about through a belief in the need for strong, rigorous investment in the region, and has prevailed in creating and maintaining the trust of large-scale investors in the Kuwaiti market and abroad. Thinking big, creating high value and earning, as well as growing and maintaining the trust of big-time investors in the Kuwaiti market and abroad, have been the trademark of Al Mazaya. We provide a wide range of real estate products & services across the spectrum, from purchasing & developing of projects and offering ready-to-use residential ,commercial spaces , and landmark Medical Clinics and Healthcare Towers.

Key figures (KD) 2018 2019 2020
Income statement      
Revenue 22,056,098 27,863,176 19,546,744
Operating income 7,717,602 (2,026,147) (1,425,367)
Profit attributable to equity holders 5,103,588 (8,768,587) (8,476,775)
Balance sheet      
Total assets 225,621,899 229,338,437 207,783,552
Total liabilities 121,498,871 136,362,787 127,877,217
Total equity 104,123,028 92,975,650 79,906,335
Cash flow      
Net cash flows from (used in) operating activities (1,353,519) 3,220,537 10,203,790
Net cash flows used in investing activities 274,378 (1,219,795) 2,146,021
Net cash flows from financing activities (87,760) (438,249) (11,044,528)
Key indicators      
Earnings per share (fils) 8.17 (13.98) (13.50)
Book value (fils) 146 127 107

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