Market: Abu Dhabi Symbol: BAYANAT ISIN: AEE01122B228 Industry: AI and Technology

Bayanat AI PLC, a public company limited by shares incorporated in the Abu Dhabi Global Market acts as a holding company for its operating subsidiary, Bayanat GIQ PJSC (“Bayanat”). Bayanat was established on 4 February 2008 and initially focused on geographical information systems (“GIS”). Bayanat later expanded into geospatial and data analytics/ artificial intelligence (“AI”), leveraging its trusted, high-quality data to provide products and solutions to the most discerning customers. Bayanat became a subsidiary of Mubadala in 2011 and, in 2016, became a division of Emirates Defence Industries Company (“EDIC”). In 2020, Bayanat was acquired by G42 - an Abu Dhabi based global leader in AI and cloud computing focused on exploring the full potential of AI as a tool to drive change across industries and businesses. The integration of Bayanat’s geospatial expertise and G42’s AI capabilities created a synergized geospatial intelligence (“GIQ”) competency that is leveraging the diverse internal ecosystem of G42.

Key Figures 2019 2020 2021
Income Statement (AEDK)      
71,601 247,751 366,665
Gross Profit 19,037 113,992 176,353
6,119 76,700 104,699
Profit attributable to Equity SH 3,079 70,036 96,287
Balance sheet (AEDK)      
Total Assets 66,700 229,943 474,425
Total Equity 23,832 92,151 255,438
Total Liabilities 42,868 137,792 218,987
Cash flows (AEDK)      
Net cash : operating activity 6,041 21,296 -6,355
Net cash : investing activity -3,470 -2,548 -9,410
Net cash : financing activity -1,866 - 53,790