Market: Tadawul Symbol: 2190 ISIN: SA0007879360 Industry: Industrial Investment

Saudi Industrial Services Company (SISCO) was established by a group of well-known prominent Saudi Businessmen in 1988 as a publicly joint stock company, with the aim of developing and investing nationally in industrial estate support services. When the Saudi Exchange Market (Tadawul) was created in 2003, SISCO was listed then on Tadawul. SISCO is now considered one of the Kingdom’s most prominent companies, undertaking large-scale capital investment in desalination plants, ports and container terminals, industrial estate development, bonded and re-export zones and other key projects.

At SISCO, we set the benchmark of firsts: first private desalinization plant in KSA; first bonded and re-export zone in KSA; first private build and operate container terminal in KSA. All these businesses and projects are world class, profitable and sustainable businesses adding to the Saudi Arabian economic growth and expansion.

SISCO’s revenue is derived from our shareholding in our subsidiaries, affiliate companies and other strategic investments.

SISCO and our subsidiaries, demonstrate the highest standards of effectiveness and efficiency in all aspects of business operations in order to acquire a leading position in the relevant markets. We are committed to operating in a work environment that achieves maximum productivity and offers healthy returns for our stakeholders.

Share data
Last Closing Price 27.450
Change (%) 2.43
Volume 1,799,082
Symbol 2190
Number of Shares (mln) 81.60
Market Cap (mln) 2,239.92
Consolidated Income Statement      
Total revenues 1,020,865 985,408 993,837
Gross profit 423,740 446,472 416,150
Profit for the year 216,669 95,117 55,529
Profit for the year is attributable to shareholders of the parent company 139,413 57,878 36,730
Consolidated Statement of Financial Position      
Total assets 4,407,154 4,995,051 5,058,331
Total liabilities 2,697,577 2,698,665 2,742,141
Total equity 1,709,577 2,296,387 2,316,190
Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows      
Net cash from operating activities 356,144 236,272 213,216
Net cash generated from / (used in) investing activitives -194,694 511,448 -525,746
Net cash used in financing activities -120,016 -191,880 -71,958
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year 336,534 892,374 507,886
Key Indicators      
Basic and diluted profit per share (SR) 1.71 0.71 0.45
Gross profit margin % 41.5 45.3 41.9
Operating profit margin % 25.1 28.2 23.1
Net profit margin % 21.2 9.7 5.6