Symbol: GCC / GCCRF
ISIN: NO0011109563
Industry: Marine Transportation


Gram Car Carriers is developing its position as a substantial tonnage supplier to the world’s major operators of seaborne vehicle transportation. Over the last decades, we have grown to be the third largest car carrier tonnage provider in the world and gained extensive expertise as a commercial manager, covering the whole market with vessels suited to all aspects of the trade. We provide our customers with a modern, reliable and efficient fleet with the latest design details and maximum cargo carrying capability to support the green mobility shift.

Revenue (USD million) Average TC rate¹ (USD) Total revenue backlog added in 2022² (USD million)


18,960 923
Net profit (USD million) Utilisation Revenue backlog at year end (USD million)
23.9 97% 856
Dividend paid and proposed (USD million) Average cash break-even³ (USD) Average contract coverage duration per vessel (years)
11.9 17,270 3.3

1. On straight-line basis in accordance with IFRS.
2. Revenue backlog added during 2022, including new time charters amounting to USD 848 million and existing backlog on acquired vessels amounting to USD 75 million.
3. Current break-even comprise of budgeted vessel running expenses, insurance, overheads and debt servicing based on prevailing 3m SOFR implied forward rates and next 12 months’ debt amortisation schedule. Capex not included.

Share Data
Currency NOK
Previous Close 206.00
Change (%) 1.98
Market Cap (NOK) 6.03 bn
Volume 29,305
Market Oslo(NOK)
Number of shares 29,285,022
List Oslo B∅rs
Key figures (USD '000) 2021 2022
Consolidated statement of income    
Operating revenue 78,029 120,976
EBITDA 35,388 70,596
EBIT 10,596 43,126
Profit/(loss) for the period (7,472) 23,877
Consolidated statement of financial position
Total assets 494,683 609,741
Total equity 79,239 243,481
Total liabilities 415,445 366,260
Consolidated statement of cash flows
Cash flow from operating activities 38,335 79,617
Cash flow (used in)/from investing activities 35,605 (63,368)
Cash flow used in financing activities (69,551) (1,923)