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Market: Abu Dhabi Symbol: RPM ISIN: AER001001018 Industry: Financial Services

Response Plus Medical Services & Response Plus Man Power Supply (RPM), a unit of VPS Health Care is originated as ‘LLH for Healthcare Management’, was established in 2010 before being renamed as Response Plus Medical Services & Response Plus Man Power Supply.

Our key objectives include providing medical support for oil and gas sector - both onshore & offshore, chemical industries, major construction sites, site clinic and ambulance services for educational institutions, labor camps and shopping malls.

We operate as one of the leading medical manpower (staffing) organizations, specialized in various medical staffing services. Located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Northern Emirates, RPM has developed into a strong integrated healthcare provider, delivering comprehensive, affordable and top-of-the-line healthcare solutions.

Share data 20/03/2023
Currency AED Volume 1,556,176
Previous Close 4.48 Number of Shares (mln) 200.00
Change (%) 0.67 Market Cap (mln) 896.00
FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS, AED'000 2019 2020 2021
Revenue 5,790 2,807 299,608
Profit (loss) and total comprehensive income (loss) for the year -5,363 -3,877 65,009
Total assets 15,583 5,616 306,662
Total equity -24,599 -28,476 249,103
Total liabilities 40,181 34,092 57,559
Net cash flows from operating activities 1,627 1,023 56,776
Net cash flows used in investing activities -119 -60 -42,483
Net cash flows from financing activities -1,768 -915 16,507
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year 215 263 31,063