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Market: Abu Dhabi Symbol: MULTIPLY ISIN: AEM001001019 Industry: Financials

We are an Abu Dhabi-based tech-focused holding company with global presence across five industries, including automotive, utilities, capital, wellness and communications. Our diversified portfolio strikes a balance between steady companies that generate recurring income and high-growth businesses.

We have adopted a bold investment strategy, executing six domestic and foreign investment deals in 2021 alone, and this is just the start. We are well-capitalized and have a pipeline of global acquisitions lined up, with the potential of above-average growth in industries we understand.

Our obsession with growth is at the roots of our Group’s expansion. We aim to constantly empower our subsidiaries with capital, technology and opportunities available within our vast network to acquire or create innovative solutions, gain operational excellence and become leaders in their industries.

Major shareholders include International Holding Company (IHC), one of the most valuable companies in the UAE, with a market capitalization of AED 266.8 billion ($72.5 billion) and an exceptional track record of taking its best-performing subsidiaries public.

Share data 01/07/2022
Currency AED Volume 33,809,414
Previous Close 1.81 Number of Shares (mln) 2,800.00
Change (%) 0.56 Market Cap (mln) 5,068.00
Key Figures (AED’000) 2019 2020 2021
Statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income      
Revenue 21,472 15,784 371,912
Gross profit 8,325 6,170 210,618
Profit for the year 10,767 3,798 225,196
Total comprehensive income for the year 10,767 3,798 226,580
Statement of financial position      
Total assets 72,321 98,334 11,603,762
Total liabilities 34,677 8,407 877,732
Total equity 37,644 89,927 10,726,030
Statement of cash flows      
Net cash generated from/(used in) operating activities (3,492) 738 (35,174)
Net cash used in investing activities (4,969) (24,566) (1,558,437)
Net cash generated from financing activities N/A 30,000 5,025,607