Share graph

The share graph is an interactive tool for viewing and analyzing the market performance of the share. The graph is a tool rich in functionalities, including functions such as zoom in dynamic period selection on the graph with scroll option. Time selection with calendar function or fixed period. Daily change - showing the percentage changes calculated from previous closing value.

The graph is also detachable to enable a better overview, ensuring great visibility and ability to maximize the graph. It enables instant plotting of data on the graph. The HTML based share graph version is more basic, but with valuable features useful for users with slower connections.

How to use the share price graph

In the interactive share price graph you can monitor the company's share price development. You can also compare the share against chosen indices and, when available, to peers, and follow the impact of press releases. To display the share price, drag the cursor along the share price graph. The price is displayed next to the graph, with the date below.

Press releases
By ticking the Event boxes you can choose to view press releases, results, etc - and their impact on the share price. These are shown with symbols in the upper portion of the diagram. When you move the cursor over the course graphics, date and time of publication is shown. By clicking on the press release icon you can see the full release.

Select time period
The starting point of the diagram shows share price developments for the most recent year. You may simply select another time period in the time interval menu located to the right of the diagram. There you may state optional time interval in the "From and To" field or a specific time period via the dropdown menu.

Technical analysis tools
Moving average - used to identify price trends and give buy and sell signals.
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence - MACD is a trend following momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of prices and is used to determine overbought or oversold conditions in the market.
Relative Strength Index – RSI calculates the difference in values between the closing prices over chosen time period. Indicate overbought and oversold conditions.

Investment calculator

The Investment Calculator enables investors to calculate the current value of their holding by using two different calculators:
Current value of holding by amount invested calculates the value of holding based on the closing price on selected date and inserted value in currency.
Current value of holding by number of shares invested calculates the value of holding based on number of shares and the price the share was bought.

Share price look-up

The Share Price Look-up tool is designed to find a closing price of the share from history on a specific date and to display the selection of price history in HTML format or download the data in excel format.

Latest trades

15 min delayed share prices. Latest share trades is a HTML page showing the latest trades. With broker information and graphs. All trades of the day downloadable to excel.