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Market: Qatar Symbol: QGRI ISIN: QA0006929820 Industry: Insurance

 Share Data
Currency QAR
Previous Close 40.00
Change (%) 2.56
Volume 6,305
Number of Shares (mil) 88
Market Cap (mil) 3,500.27

 Company presentation

Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance Company, QGIRCO, is a Qatari National Company that has served the insurance and reinsurance needs of individuals and businesses since 1979.

QGIRCO has set a clear and fundamental purpose to its business since its establishment by tailoring our coverage and services, deliver innovative efficient ways to prevent or reduce losses and to effectively manage them when they occur. Our devotion to work and our commitment to our values will always remain our guiding light in the future.

As a new era is approaching, we are confident that our Company will face the challenges and meet the expectations of our customers, through knowledge, trust and innovation.

Key Figures
Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss (QAR’000)    
Gross written premiums 627,256 629,949 566,971
Net earned premiums 187,161 203,661 183,274
Investment income 245,916 236,534 200,025
Profit for the year 925,804 258,254 260,913
Profit attributable to equity holders of the parent 925,709 219,341 307,381
Consolidated Statement of Financial Position (QAR’000)
Total assets 9,409,516 9,514,428 9,514,816

Equity attributable to equity holders of the Parent

6,290,245 6,367,937 6,196,491
Total liabilities 3,117,062 3,105,369 3,323,671

Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows (QAR’000)

Net cash flows (used in) from operating activities 183,248 222,652 124,193
Net cash flows (used in) from investing activities (183,646) (78,909) (236,533)
Net cash flows (used in) from financing activities (273,919) (72,417) 71,820
Cash and cash equivalents at 31 December 229,250 300,576 260,056
Key indicators (QAR)      
Earnings per share 10.58 2.51 3.51
Dividend per share 1.50 1.50 2.20