Abu Dhabi
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Last Closing Price 1.57
Change (%) -1.88
Volume 43,564
Number of Shares (mln) 946.38
Market Cap (mln) 1,485.82

Ras Al Khaimah Ceramics (RAK Ceramics) is one of the world's leading ceramics makers, supplying over 150 countries with an annual production capacity of c107.5 million square metres of tiles, 5.6 million pieces of sanitaryware and 24 million pieces of tableware. In terms of production, RAK Ceramics is ranked fourth largest in the world in tiles and 11th largest in terms of Sanitaryware (2014 data). The majority of the company's production capacity is located in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE (76% of tile and 59% of sanitaryware capacity); the UAE is the company's largest market representing about 25% of sales while the rest of the GCC and Europe are the most important export markets (combined c37% of total in 2015). The company also has significant production capacity of tile and sanitaryware in Bangladesh, India and Iran (tile only) which mostly caters to domestic market needs.

In June 2014, a consortium led by SAMENA Capital acquired a 31.6% stake in RAK Ceramics and took three seats on the board of directors. Representatives from SAMENA Capital also sit on the company's Executive Committee which oversees the implementation of strategic initiatives. That same year, the company adopted a Value Creation Plan consisting of a number of short, mid and long term objectives to grow sales and margins and better reflect the fundamental value of the company's assets. The company has since grown tile capacity in Bangladesh by 42% and sanitaryware capacity in the UAE 20% (both completed in 2016) and sold non-core and non-strategic assets for a consideration exceeding AED300mn.

Key figures
Particulars 2016 2017 2018
Core Revenue, AED Mio 2,429.4 2,615 2,640
Non Core Revenue, AED Mio 363.7 240 136
Total Revenue, AED Mio 2,793.1 2,854.9 2,776
Gross Profit, AED Mio 783.4 901.7 920.9
GP margin % 30.5% 31.6% 33.2%
EBITDA, AED Mio 485.7 533.4 461.5
EBITDA Margin, % 17.4% 18.7% 16.6%
Reported Net Income, AED Mio 30.8 315.5 225.1
Extra-ordinary provisions, AED Mio 132.6 0  
Reported Profit after NCI (Minority), AED Mio (4.09) 270.5 182.6
Reported Earnings per share, AED (0.01) 0.30 0.20
Particulars 2016 2017 2018
Total Assets, AED Mio 5,756.3 5,800.9 5,497
Share Capital**, AED Mio 858.4 858.4 901.3
Shareholders’ Equity, AED Mio 2,680.1 2,664.3 2,501.4
Net Debt, AED Mio 1,659.7 1,407.9 1,428.9
Net Debt / EBITDA, Times 3.42 2.64 3.10
Cost of Debt, % 2.7% 3.15% 3.98%
* Core ceramic tiles, sanitary ware & table ware revenue represents consolidated sales from production locations. Non-core revenue represents contracting & other activities.
** 2016: Increase in share capital is due to stock dividend of 5% distributed during the year.

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