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Market: Abu Dhabi Symbol: IHC ISIN: AEI000201014 Industry: Consumer Staples

Share Data
Currency AED
Previous Close 14.62
Change (%) 0.14
Volume 400,000
Number of Shares (mil) 1,821
Market Cap (mil) 26,629.29

Company presentation

IHC, a public joint stock company is a holding company with investments in diversified operating companies. IHC acquires, participate in companies, entities, projects through direct ownership, entering into partnerships and providing financing to such entities in UAE or abroad. Current business interests of IHC include: (i) real estate and contracting, including management, leasing and development of real estate, buying, selling real estate plots, contracting and landscaping; and (ii) fish farming / trading and processing, including investing in aquaculture projects, trading in fish and fish products and general trading of foodstuff; and (iii) investment interests in global procurement and processing entities for different varieties of animal feed.

As part of its strategy, IHC has considered various strategic initiatives to achieve growth in its revenues and profits, including diversification of investments and expansion of existing businesses in the UAE and abroad. As part of its strategy to add shareholder value and diversify its investments, IHC continues to evaluate various opportunities that provide increase in revenues and profits, reduce volatility.

Income statement      
Revenue 384,188 421,139 570,241
Gross profit 60,027 48,548 57,618
Profit for the year 26,343 31,731 20,185
Profit for the year attributable to equity holders of the parent company 26,112 29,351 18,451
Balance sheet      
Total assets 624,494 672,183 791,154
Total liabilities 93,750 112,059 204,855
Total equity 530,744 560,124 586,299
Cash flow      
Net cash generated from operating activities (3,398) 24,286 17,741
Net cash generated from/(used in) investing activities (81,725) (5,548) (127,545)
Net cash used in financing activities (4,318) (943) 26,033
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of the year 157,894 175,689 91,772
Key indicators      
Earnings per share (AED) 0.05 0.06 0.04